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a romance convention! in Australia!

So this is all official now, and we’ve booked flights and such…would you like to come say hi and hang out with, er, me, and a bunch of other AMAZING romance authors (C.S. Pacat! *does a fangirl flail*) in Melbourne, Australia in April?


Also! I have made a pre-order form for people to order paperbacks, so I have some idea of how much to bring along (and to avoid business visa messiness) – and I suppose this also works for everyone else, too, even if not strictly for the convention – if you might like signed copies of some of my books?

You can order those here!

(I absolutely have this creeping fear that I am a very little author in a very big pond and no-one will want any books or even to come say hi! Ah, imposter syndrome. Oh, well; at least I shall get to visit Australia…?)


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