demon universe, fantasy, historical, paranormal romance

Midwinter Firelight, coming soon!

Almost forgot – this is out in two days, on Feb 11!

More adventures of Kit & Harry – Regency m/m with empaths! Technically this is a sequel to a story I wrote a while back for the JMS Books “Snowed In” anthology, which has Kit & Harry’s first meeting – but you don’t have to’ve read that one first! Even more technically, it’s also a Demon for Midwinter (contemporary, m/m, empaths & rock stars & demons!) prequel – Kit is one of Kris’s ancestors, and they’ve got similar abilities…

This one’s very fun, or I think so…a Bow Street Runner, his viscount, some magic, some art theft, some lovingly kinky sex in front of a giant fireplace…

Buy at Amazon here! Or at JMS Books here!

Midwinter Firelight by [K.L. Noone]

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