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rainbow snippets: something brand-new

It's been a little while, hasn't it? Things've been busy here - end of the semester, plus conference travel and visiting my grandparents! I've got some news about various things - a Character Bleed box set, for one - but that'll have to be a big catch-up post... For now, sneaking in for this weekend's… Continue reading rainbow snippets: something brand-new

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rainbow snippets: a conversation

This week we're back to Apprentice’s Luck, because I just really love this story - coming from JMS Books this summer! Here's them having a conversation, and learning a bit about each other... Apprentice’s Luck is coming from JMS Books this summer! It’s a new story in the Middle Lands (the Magician universe, which along… Continue reading rainbow snippets: a conversation

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rainbow snippets: treasures

This week's Rainbow Snippet is something new - the opening from a little m/nonbinary flash fic, called "Treasures," that should be out from JMS Books...sometime next month! It's a contemporary-with-magic short, with a magical toy shop and a very attractive toymaker...and here's Blake in desperate need of a gift for his niece...and, well, spoiler: of… Continue reading rainbow snippets: treasures