~~Are you really a professor?

Yes indeed! *puts Academic Hat on* My research areas involve medievalism, adaptation, romance, and popular culture. And sometimes superheroes.

~~Do you have an Amazon or Goodreads author page I can follow?

I do! You can find me on Amazon here. And this is me on Goodreads!

~~Are you the same K.L. Noone who had two stories out with Ellora’s Cave before they closed?

Yes, I am! I have the rights back to both of those – that’d be “Leather & Tea,” the m/m contemporary erotic BDSM short, and also “Lily’s Enchantment,” which is basically the exact opposite, being f/m fantasy-setting sweet romance in which they finally kiss at the end. At least the former is getting a new life over at JMS Books, who’ve kindly picked it up, and they’ve expressed some interest in “Lily” too, though it’s not their usual queer romance fare. I want to poke at that one before I send it to them to look at though – for one thing, the title wasn’t my choice, and I never liked it, and there’re a couple things I gave in on during editing that I want to undo now that I have the chance.

There are sequels in my head for both of those, by the way, so we’ll see what happens! (The sequel for “Lily” is actually a m/m romance. Her sorcerer ex is very much open-to-anything-sexual, but has sort of withdrawn from the world to think about what he’s done and caused with all his power; he’ll get pulled back in when a very earnest king’s younger brother arrives to ask for the Great Sorcerer’s help lifting a siege…)

~~Do I know you from fandom/are you the person who wrote that one fic series?

If you think you know me from fandom, you’re probably right! Come say hi on tumblr or AO3 (not linking because that’s just a little too worlds-collapsing-into-each-other, but if you’ve got far enough to have a guess, you’ve likely figured it out). And feel free to have all the feels about Bucky Barnes and Sebastian Stan with me.

~~Speaking of, is it true that you were at an event/afterparty/thing with Sebastian Stan?

We were at the same party. In the same vicinity. We talked briefly about Shakespeare. (His favorite play is Julius Caesar.) I wouldn’t exactly say I partied with him, but we were both definitely there and we had a conversation and he might remember the weird person who wanted to talk about Shakespeare instead of Marvel, so if that counts…

~~You talk about Awesome Husband a lot.

Because he’s Awesome. (For the record, I identify as: bisexual or pansexual – still working out which term, with which connotations and context, feels best – she/her pronouns, very much in favor of kink, happily married.)