free stories & such!

To start with, here’re four things that’re absolutely free! One’s a link to a free story, one’s a guest blog post about fandom that I contributed to Spark, one’s a guest blog about “Sunlight and Gold” and the Demon universe, and the fourth is one of my very first published stories…

~~This first one I’ve linked to elsewhere, but here it is again: “Lightning in a Bottle,” the first Demon for Midwinter bonus story, is currently free at Amazon and JMS Books! This is Adam’s story (with cameos from Kris and Justin), full of post-show adrenaline, exhilaration, and a first kiss.

~~This second one is a short guest blog post I wrote for Spark about fandom and love and being a published author – you can read it over there, or right here: Fanfiction and the Alchemy of Love

~~This third one is my guest blog post for Sarah Hadley Brook’s blog, in which I talk about “Sunlight,” the Demon universe and what’s coming next, baked goods, music (hooray for The Fratellis!), and myself, a bit!

~~This last one is – for your amusement! – a short story of mine that was published years ago in the magazine Aoife’s Kiss. It’s not exactly my current writing style (though it’s on the way there; I think you can tell) and while I’d probably rewrite large chunks of it these days, I still really love these characters, and some of the dialogue makes me smile. So, in the spirit of transparency about writing style and evolution, I thought I’d share it with you.

Oh, right, it’s actually about a princess (who is also a sorceress, and her glass tower is of her own making) and a pair of heroes (well, one Hero, and his magician younger brother) who come to try to rescue her (which does not go quite the way they expect).

“The Castle of Glass and an Exchange of Hearts