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let’s try this advent calendar thing

So I was thinking that perhaps I’d try an advent calendar this year – making an attempt to post something small and short and fun every day! It might be a free book or story, or a cover reveal, or a story announcement, or just a spotlight on a winter-themed book I love or a winter-themed story of mine…

For December 1 (it’s still Dec 1 here – only 8pm!), I’ll start off with the JMS Books Advent Calendar and the first free story – “The Setup,” by my writing-friend and fellow Read Around the Rainbow blogger Ofelia Grand!

The JMS Books Advent Calendar will have a new free ebook every day, so keep checking back – mine will be coming up on the 17th, and I can promise you it’s something new, and it’s a Character Bleed story…or stories, in a way…

Come pick up “The Setup” while it’s still free – and I’ll be back with something else fun tomorrow…


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